specialized in premium ride on toys


ROLLZONE® is our registered brand for premium ride on toys. All products as ride on toys, electric scooters, riding animals of MY PONY will be produced with the ROLLZONE® corporate identity. The old B2B website is transformed to www.rollzone.eu. We strive for a professional appearance and a uniform corporate identity for all our products.


Purpose of our new website:

We would like to present all our products to the end user on one processional website. We'll display all existing and expected products, features, pictures and videos. There will not be any order possibility for consumers (B2C) on this website. Consumers can search for a reseller in their own country. Click on the logo below to find a reseller. Please send us your company logo and URL to display it on the resellers page. 


What is changed for the B2B resellers?

  • You will keep your login data and account.
  • The way of working for our B2B partners will remain without changes.
  • We'll support you by displaying your company logo and a link on the resellers page. 
  • We don't mention our company name or logo of ATOYS or ACCU TOYS B.V. on products or videos anymore. We'll only use the ROLLZONE® corporate identity. Product videos can be used by our B2B partners. 




Any changes for MY PONY?

The product range and product name 'MY PONY' will be continued. The logo on the products, package and product video will be changed as displayed below.  





Any changes for E-STEP (electric scooters)?

All electric scooters in the future will be produced by ROLLZONE®. The logo on the products, package and product video will be changed as displayed below.   




What does ROLLZONE® guarantee? 

  • Premium products with top quality.
  • Safe products in accordance with European legal obligations.
  • At least the same level of after sales and support as before.
  • Exclusivity possibility for your country based on quantity commitments.

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