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Cheetah Walking Bike by ROLLZONE ® Cheetah Balance Bike by ROLLZONE ® Balance bikes in…
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Balance bikes from ROLLZONE:

ROLLZONE is a Dutch brand that sells many types of toys, including these beautiful balance bikes. These little animal print bikes help the child with walking and look awesome too. We have cheetah balance bikes, unicorn balance bikes and horse balance bikes. Balance bikes are easy tools for your children to learn to walk. With our balance bikes, your child will learn to walk in style.


Simple to assemble:

ROLLZONE's balance bikes are the new trend when it comes to balance bikes. Our design consists of a balance bike with the fur of animals on it. The design of the balance bikes ensures that the coat of the balance bike animals are easy to take off, so you can throw them in the wash and these are also easy to put back on the balance bike. Also we made sure with the design that our balance bikes are easy to assemble in a few minutes and this is so done. Ofcourse this also provides a lot of fun for your child immediately.


Comfortable walking:

Our balance bikes have 8 inch rubber tires, this along with the soft seat ensures that your child can walk comfortably with our balance bike. Our balance bikes are recommended to be used with children between 2 and 5 years old. The seat of the balance bikes are also adjustable so the balance bike grows with your child. Besides being comfortable and nice our balance bikes are also of good and sturdy quality.



All our balance bikes are from the brand ROLLZONE and are shipped directly from our warehouse. ROLLZONE is a Dutch brand and sells MY PONYS, PetRides, electric ride on toys, etc. So the quality of our balance bikes are extremely good and the balance bike animals have a fine soft which ensures a pleasant play time. And we would like to invite you to take a look at our showroom at our location in The Netherlands, Eindhoven.

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