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ROLLZONE Go-Kart (RZGK001) ROLLZONE Go-Kart (RZGK001) white This wonderful Go-Kart from…
ROLLZONE Go-Kart (RZGK001) ROLLZONE Go-Kart (RZGK001) blue This wonderful Go-Kart from…
ROLLZONE Go-Kart (RZGK001) ROLLZONE Go-Kart (RZGK001) red This wonderful Go-Kart from…


A go-kart, pedal car, Go-Kart or just a car with pedals. It doesn't matter what we call it. This type of riding toy is still extremely popular to play with. Children keep moving by riding the go-kart not electrically but with pedals. ATOYS has go-karts in different sizes, colors and brands. Check out the dimensions, carrying capacity and options of the particular go-kart at the product description.



Go-Karts are suitable for children as young as 3 years old, depending on model and size. Do you want your children to be able to play with the go-kart for years? Then look especially for go-karts with an adjustable seat. We sell Go-Karts of the brands Mercedes, Abarth and ROLLZONE. A number of Go-Karts also have an adjustable seat or maybe even a seatbelt. So feel free to look around our webshop to see which Go-Kart meets your needs.


Pedal car:

Our pedal cars are of extremely good quality and are suitable for children as young as 3 years old and is very cost friendly. The pedal car is very efficient and is good for back and neck pain this ensures that your child remains in motion and this can prevent back and neck pain. The pedal cars have full rubber tires and are therefore also ergonomic and nice to ride on the grass and sidewalk. Our pedal cars are shipped directly from our warehouse in The Netherlands, Eindhoven.


Car with pedals:

Pedal car, Go-Kart, Pedal car or as previously stated a car with pedals. These names all come down to a product we know as the go-kart. The small car with pedals were used in the past and are still wildly popular today. So do you want something that can be taken out anytime and doesn't need to be on the charger? Then these little cars with pedals are a good and efficient choice.



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