Lamborghini Urus, foot to floor ride on, walking car (83600)

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Product code 83600-red
EAN code 7423407460483
Net weight 3,00 Kg
Gross weight 4,00 Kg
Dimensions (l,w,h) 70 x 30 x 40 cm

Lamborghini Urus (83600) red


  • Matte red
  • Produced under license from Lamborghini
  • Leather seat for extra comfortable sitting
  • Plastic wheels with a rubber tread
  • Drive left and right using send
  • Horn button on the steering wheel
  • Load capacity: 20 kg
  • Dimensions: L70 x W30 x H40 cm 


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The foot to floor toy:

A foot to floor toy is the most commonly used riding toy. The little walking car is compact, quickly manageable and affordable. Walk and push cars are very practical due to their compact size and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Moreover, they are not electric, so very good for your child's development. Children keep moving and enjoy many fun rides. Our running cars of the brands: Jeep, Ford, Volvo and Mercedes are produced under license from the brand owner. ATOYS offers walking toy cars with ergonomic design that incidentally meet the strict safety requirements. All foot to floor toys offered by ATOYS are CE marked. 


Multifunctional walking cars:

A number of models of walking cars from our range can be used as a walking car or a push car. This is indicated in the product description and will help you make the right choice. We also have a special model that can also be used as a swing and it also features a music module with fun sounds and tunes.


Luxury walking cars:

Of course, most of our walking cars have music modules and LED lights, so your child can listen to music while walking or being pushed on their walking car. Also, you will see that for example the Mercedes walking car features rubber tires and a leather seat which makes your child's walking car experience a lot more enjoyable. So are you looking for a luxury walking car from a brand like Mercedes, Volvo, Jeep or ROLLZONE? Then feel free to visit our showroom to see our running cars.


Practical running car:

The walking car is a practical and convenient way for the child to learn to walk or to support the child with walking. Would you prefer a balance bike, because a balance car is too big? Then we also have some models of balance bikes. These are narrower and have the same function so feel free to look around our showroom or website and make your choice about the walking car or balance bike.