Wheels for the MY PONY ride on toys

In stock - Delivery direct
Product code MP-wheels-A
Net weight 1,00 Kg

Wheels for the MY PONY ride on toy. The wheels are suitable for all small and medium MY PONY models.

Please note: there are 2 different types of wheels in circulation. Compare your current wheels with 'Type A' or 'Type B'. Are you ordering 1 piece? Then you will receive 1 wheel including bolt and nut.


Type A has an external wheel bearing on both sides.
Type B has no external wheel bearing.


ATTENTION: Shipping costs of this product are based on ordering spare parts only and based on 1 item. Do you need to combine your order with other products from other categories? Please contact us for the actual shipping costs. We'll do our best to combine shipments if possible. 


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